Fragmentings of Things is a collaborative work that questions the boundaries of tangibility and voids: a drummer talking about the physicality and communality of his craft; materials falling onto the surface of a drum; the emptiness of the cavity hidden beneath this tactile contact and its resonance and sounding out of darkness, like the body itself whose singing falls on the eardrum, “into the deeps” as James Joyce wrote, to lie quiet as moss, as a memory of some temporal placing between the senses close to the life of death. This film is a highly personal reverie on the physicality and craft of drumming by a percussionist as he beats, taps, scrapes and strokes the different surfaces and materials he explores. Roger Turner has for many years been at the forefront of defining different extremes of percussion, working round the world with musicians and artists. Devised and composed by David Toop Voices: Elaine Mitchener Percussionist: Roger Turner A film by Emil Charlaff and Barry Lewis


Over the past 25 years Tabitha Salmon travelled the world and painted her experiences as she went. This portrait reveals what drives her and how she creates her work.


Trailer for Greenhouse Theatre’s production of ‘Mercury Fur’ Soundtrack: Lydia Samuels


Exhibited: December 2012 – Last Refuge, London, Solo show. July 2011 – Umbrella Arts, New York, Meatyard Arts – ‘Surveys from a Small Island’


Collaboration with Christopher Fields – christopherfields.co.uk Featuring pieces by Marko Mitanovski – markomitanovski.com Styled by Ronitt Bourmad Exhibited: December 2012 – Last Refuge, London, Solo show.


Exhibited: July 2010 – Rencontres D’Arles, France. Meatyard Arts – ‘Arles Editions 10’


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